Allianz Car Insurance Australia: Coverage and Benefits


When it comes to protecting your vehicle, Allianz Car Insurance in Australia stands out with comprehensive coverage and an array of benefits.

Accidents, theft, natural disasters, and more are all accounted for, providing a safety net for unexpected events.

From Agreed Value Cover to New Car Replacement, Allianz ensures you have the support you need in times of distress.

Whether you’re a careful driver with an older car or seeking maximum protection, Allianz has tailored options for your unique needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Breakdown of the key components of Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance in Australia.

Loss or Damage Protection:

Accidents happen, but with Allianz Car Insurance, you’re covered for a range of unexpected events.

This includes accidents, theft, fire, flood, hail, storms, vandalism, malicious damage, riots, earthquakes, and more (check the PDS for the full list).

If your car needs repairs, Allianz can either use approved repairers or pay you the agreed value or market value if it’s deemed a total loss.

Agreed Value Cover

With Agreed Value Cover, you’re guaranteed a predetermined payout amount for your car, even if it’s stolen or a total loss, regardless of its market value at the time.

New Car Replacement

If your car is stolen or written off within the first two years of ownership, Allianz might replace it with a brand new car of the same make and model, depending on availability.

Third-Party Liability

Allianz also covers your legal liability for damage to other people’s property and injuries caused by your driving, including medical expenses and legal costs. Be mindful of policy limits for third-party property damage and injury – choose limits that adequately cover your potential needs.

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Additional Benefits

  • Rental Car Cover: If your car is in the shop after an accident you didn’t cause, Allianz might cover the cost of a rental car. The duration and type of car covered depend on your policy.
  • Emergency Assistance: With 24/7 support for roadside emergencies like flat tires, battery problems, and lockouts, you’re never alone on the road. The services offered may vary depending on your policy.
  • Windscreen Repair: If your windscreen is cracked or chipped, Allianz often covers the repair or replacement with no excess payable.
  • Key Replacement: Lose or damage your car keys? Allianz can cover the cost of replacing them.
  • Personal Belongings Cover: If personal belongings are stolen from your car, Allianz can reimburse you for their value.
  • Excess: Most claims come with an excess – a fixed amount you contribute towards repairs or replacement. Keep in mind, a higher excess usually means a lower premium.

Factors Affecting Your Coverage and Cost

Several factors impact your coverage and cost.

These include your car’s make, model, and year, your driving history and claims experience, your location, your age and driving experience, and the level of cover and additional benefits you choose.

It’s essential to consider these factors when selecting your insurance to ensure the right fit for your needs and budget.

Allianz’s Third-Party Property Damage Insurance

If your trusty steed has seen a few summers (or more!), Allianz’s Third-Party Property Damage insurance might be worth a look.

Peace of Mind for Others, Not Yourself

While your wallet and the owners of fancy mailboxes will be grateful, remember that Third-Party Property Damage is a one-way street.

It’s all about safeguarding others on the road. When it comes to your car, any bumps, bruises, or repair bills after an accident fall entirely on your shoulders.

So, if your car is more than just a mode of transport and unexpected repair costs make you uneasy, this might not be the ideal choice.

Beyond the Basics

This insurance isn’t just about fixing car scratches. It also covers legal costs arising from property damage claims, adding an extra layer of security.

Even a minor fender bender can lead to legal complexities, so this coverage ensures you’re protected against potential financial headaches down the line.

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Is It Right for You?

Before steering in any direction, take a moment to assess your driving habits, your car’s value, and your risk tolerance.

If you’re a careful driver cruising in an older car, and affordability is your top priority, Third-Party Property Damage could be the savvy choice.

However, if safeguarding your vehicle is non-negotiable, exploring Comprehensive coverage might be a better fit.

This overview is just a glimpse into the world of insurance options. Always dive into the details by reading the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for specifics and exclusions tailored to your policy.

Mandatory CTP Insurance in NSW & QLD

CTP Green Slip: Navigating the Basics in NSW and QLD

Heading out on the roads in New South Wales or Queensland? Buckle up, because CTP Green Slip insurance isn’t a choice; it’s the law.

But don’t worry – understanding this essential coverage doesn’t have to be a complicated journey. Let’s break it down:

Green Light for Protection

CTP, or Compulsory third-party insurance, ensures that injured parties, no matter who’s at fault, get financial support for medical expenses, lost wages, and other accident-related costs.

It’s a safety net for everyone on the road – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, you name it.

Green Means Go (With Options)

While CTP is a must, there are different options to suit your needs and budget.

In NSW, you can pick a standard Green Slip or go for the Lifetime Cover version, offering extra benefits like funeral expenses and pain and suffering compensation. Similarly, QLD provides various cover levels based on vehicle type and risk factors.

Beyond the Basics

Remember, CTP primarily covers medical expenses. For full protection, consider additional car insurance to cover vehicle and property damage.

Going Green Saves Green (Sometimes): Good driving pays off! In both NSW and QLD, CTP premiums consider factors like age, driving history, and location. A clean driving record can score you significant discounts on your Green Slip, making safe driving a financial win.


  • It’s mandatory: Don’t risk fines – get a valid Green Slip!
  • Shop around: Compare options and premiums for the best deal.
  • Read the PDS: Understand your chosen cover by checking the Product Disclosure Statement.
  • Stay informed: CTP schemes can change, so keep up with any updates.
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Driving Tip: Driving without CTP is not just illegal; it leaves you financially exposed in an accident. Play it safe and grab your Green Slip today!

Bonus Tip: Need personalized advice? Reach out to your local CTP provider or check their website for tailored information and quotes based on your situation. Safe driving!

Essential Optional Add-Ons for Your Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz understands that every driver is unique, and that’s why they offer a selection of optional add-ons to customize your car insurance, ensuring you get precisely the protection you need.

Let’s explore three popular options that can elevate your coverage:

1. Agreed Value Cover:

No more worries about market value fluctuations! This add-on guarantees a pre-agreed payout for your car in case of theft or a total loss, regardless of its current market value.

Perfect for classic cars, cherished vehicles, or those with modifications that might not be reflected in standard valuations.

It ensures you get the true worth of your vehicle, especially when sentimental value surpasses market estimates.

2. Excess Buyback:

Feeling the sting of a high excess?

This add-on allows you to decrease your excess amount for a slightly higher premium. Ideal if you anticipate making claims or prefer minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

Imagine a minor mishap like accidentally bumping a parked car – with Excess Buyback, you pay a smaller excess, making the repair process smoother and less financially burdensome.

3. No Fault Cover: Accidents can happen to even the most cautious drivers. This add-on provides limited cover for repairs to your own car, even if you’re at fault in an accident.

It won’t magically erase all problems, but for minor mishaps or situations where other insurance options don’t apply, No Fault Cover can be a financial lifesaver.


  • These are just a glimpse of Allianz’s add-ons. They offer a broader range, so explore to find what fits your needs and budget.
  • Read the fine print: Each add-on has its terms, conditions, limits, exclusions, and potential premium increases. Make sure to review the details before adding them to your policy.
  • Talk to an Allianz representative: They can guide you through the add-ons, address your queries, and help you customize your coverage to your specific situation.

Last lines

Allianz proves to be a reliable choice, offering a spectrum of coverage options and benefits.

From Third-Party Liability to optional add-ons like Agreed Value Cover and No-Fault Cover, the flexibility caters to diverse preferences and situations.

Always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for personalized information.

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