How do you get 1000 gems on Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a preferred mobile game where you develop your town and assault other players. One of the primary money in Clash of Clans is Gems, which are crucial for developing some of the most important buildings in the game.

How often do gem boxes spawn?

Treasure Boxes’ spawning is not related to the spawning of other challenges. The detailed algorithm of the spawning of Gem Boxes is not public however there are some realities we understand regarding Gem Boxes.

  1. You can only have 1 Gem Box at once
  2. The Gem Box is a unique barrier
  3. The Gem Box ignores the 1-floor tile buffer area and will spawn in any kind of 2×2 space inside your base.
  4. The Gem Box is impacted by the 40 Obstacle cap and will not generate if the cap is exceeded.

The spawning of Gem Boxes is either totally random or managed by a formula that is maintained exclusively to SuperCell. Currently, there are no methods to predict when the following Gem Box will undoubtedly generate.

What is COC creator code?

Supercell has presented a program to permit players to support their much-loved web content developers when making purchases within Supercell video games. Each material designer part of the program has been provided with their Creator Code which they will be advertising to their areas.

The program is comparable to a referral or affiliate plan to allow Supercell to understand which developer was related to an in-video game purchase. Supercell then passes on a share of this deal (5%) to the creator to assist them in proceeding to expand.

Creator Codes work across all Supercell games with the designer code alternative; they aren’t simply restricted to the designer’s key video game that they play. If you play numerous Supercell video games that support Creator Boosts, you can sustain makers in each video game. Maker Codes can be gone into Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale.

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