Thoughts are things: Explaining this powerful Finance Thought from ‘Think And Grow Rich’

partnership with Thomas Alva Edison

In this article, we will know thoughts of a man who was in partnership with Thomas Alva Edison. This is our discussion topic, how a poor man came into partnership with Thomas Edison. this is a small part from the book of think rich grow rich by Napoleon hill. in this short writing we will discover the beginning of journey where most of the people drop out.

Thoughts are Things

In the very first chapter of introduction from think and grow rich, writer point out a very sharp thing – ” thoughts are things”. This statement is very powerful because where we will want to go in future the starting point should be from now. This is the main formula of translation from poor people to rich people. A burning desire can translate a man from their present to their so-called aim.

The starting point was from 30 years ago when Edwin c Barnes discovered how true to think for a man to think rich and grow rich. He’s discovery did not came with sitting at a place he’s discovery came with the burning desire that his cherries inside his mind.

Here comes the most powerful line from one of the chief characteristics of Barnes’ desire . ” He wanted to work with Thomas Alva Edison not for him “. This line reminds us on a court that mentioned on a book name “rich dad poor dad”. The meaning of this court is very sharp, rich people never work for money actually money work for them. This is why these struggler came with the thought of work with Thomas Edison but not for him. This means always work for yourself not for others but always work with others to increase the potential of ours.

what was his first step towards the grow rich.

Observe carefully what was his first thought or step we can say towards the grow rich. This is the first translation of his desire into reality. In the second lesson there is a 13 principle formula that helps you to understand the translation from poor people to rich. But currently we are here at a position where this man has no money even he don’t know Thomas Alva Edison. Although he had no link to his upcoming journey, he has a clear vision with a strong focus. This time he had no money, this two difficulties are sufficient to discourage the majority of people from making attempt for their desire.


This was the speedy part of the book by Napoleon hill. The most powerful quote we had already learned with references to another book rich Dad poor Dad. We will discuss step by step learning and growing process to make financial independent around us, from several important book of finance all around the world. By this practice we will discover the formula of rich people how they make a million dollar company from nothing. Read our precious article to grow rich in your life.

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